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Stainless Steel Pipe and Fitting

Stainless Steel Pipe and Fitting
Brand: Benkan Model: 90SE
No.Size (OD)azL1L290SE1515482712010090SE2222583412710090CE2828664213510090SE353588621306890SE4242113831607790SE5454139104205100..
Brand: Benkan Model: C
No.Size  (OD)az C15153615C22225311C28286012C35356012C42427410C5454848..
Brand: Benkan Model: R
No.Size  (OD)azR221522 x 156015R281528 x 156621R282228 x 226416R352235 x 229243R352835 x 287930R422242 x 229542R422842 x 288435R423542 x 358731R542254 x 2211052R542854 x 2810951R543554 x 3510241R544254 x 4210035..
Brand: Benkan Model: P
No.Size (OD)azP15153110P22224218P28284420P35354923P42425323P54546025..
Brand: Benkan Model: 90E
No.Size (OD)aa1zz190E221522 x 1548562732..
BENKAN AEF 90° Elbow Adaptor (female tapered thread)
Brand: Benkan Model: AEF
No.Size  (OD)abzAEF151215 x 1/2484227AEF223422 x 3/4585234AEF28128 x 1666242AEF3511435 x 11/4888562AEF4211242 x 11/211313083AEF54254 x 2139152104..
BENKAN AEM 90° Elbow Adaptor (male tapered thread)
Brand: Benkan Model: AEM
No.Size (OD)abzAEM151215 x 1/2484327AEM223422 x 3/4586234AEM28128 x 1667342AEM3511435 x 1 1/48811062AEM4211242 x 1 1/211314383AEM54254 x 2139159104..
Brand: Benkan Model: ASF
No.Size  (OD)azASF151215 x 1/23838ASF223422 x 3/45430ASF28128 x 15733ASF3511435 x 11/48054ASF4211242 x 11/27949ASF54254 x 29560..
Brand: Benkan Model: ASM
No.Size (OD)azASM151215 x 1/25736ASM223422 x 3/46440ASM28128 x 16844ASM3511435 x 1 1/49569ASM4211242 x 1 1/29565ASM54254 x 211378..
Benkan Tee
Brand: Benkan Model: TEE
No.Size (OD)ab z1z2T151538381717T222246462222T221522x1546422021T282851512727T281528x2551532732T28225451512727T353552602634T352235 x 2252522629T352835 x 2852562631T424259652935T422242 x 2259552932T422842 x 2859612936T423542 x 3559632937T545470783543T542254 x 2270603537T542854 x 2870663543T543554 x 3..
HOTO Stainless Pipe 2.9 Meter
Brand: HOTO Model: HOTO
Low maintenance costs and other life-cycle costing advantagesDoes not demand water treatment chemicals, except for bacterial controlPipe work is unaffected by high water flow ratesAble to sustain the full range of potable waters, including soft waters, a feature that is viable in large buildingsVery..
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